Here is a list of the Levels of In-Sight for the Thinking Quotient™️  profile tool and what they mean for your thinking capacity.

2.0 – Instrumental: Ruled by needs, desires, wishes; “two world hypothesis”

2.2 – Beginning to be influenced by physical and imagined others

2.4 – Conflicted over risking exposure to others’ feelings and thoughts; resolution to level 2

2.6 – Conflicted, but with more detachment from own needs and desires; resolution to level 3

2.8 – Able to be influenced by imagined others and their expectations

3.0 – Other-Dependent: Made up of others’ expectations; “our worked” hypothesis

3.2 – In need of hand-holding  by physical other to act on own behalf

3.4 – Conflicted over and unsure about own values, direction, worth, capability

3.6 – Conflicted, but with more detachment from internalised viewpoints, resolving to level 4

3.8 – Nearing self-authoring, but remaining at risk for regression to other’s expectations

4.0 – Self-Authoring: Fully self-authoring decision maker respecting others; “my world” hypothesis

4.2 – Begins to question scope and infallibility of own value system; aware of own history

4.4 – Conflicted of relinquishing control and taking risk of critical exposure of own view

4.6 – Conflicted, but increasingly succeeding in “deconstructing” self; committed to flow

4.8 – Fully committed to deconstructing own values, benefitting from divergent others

5.0 – Self-aware: No longer attached to any particular aspect of the self, focused on increasing flow

If you’re wondering what or who is above level 5, so are we!