The idea behind this is that people do not grow unless there is a sufficiently painful environment or situation or behaviour that propels them to grow.

Humans strive for the status quo. We crave normality and consistency, and in reality, we will fall back on habituated patterns of thinking and behaving, not only because that’s within our comfort zone, but also because those are the most-used neural pathways in our brain.

In order to affect change, we need to do the opposite of what we’re used to doing, and this begins by asking disruptive questions!

So we have developed a number of questions that place a person’s thinking in a zone of DIScomfort in order to stretch their thinking beyond its current comfort zone!

We call this method: The Stress Set Questionnaire.

This is not for public use, but we wanted to get the idea out to everyone to let them know how we differ in our approach to growing our Dynamic Intelligence!