We use this superb card game in order to tease out the developmental capacity of some of our clients. All thanks go to Jan De Visch for his creation.

Using the Rethinking Game produces conversations of an innovative nature that cannot be anticipated in advance. Its purpose is to surface and make use of the perspectives of participating individuals. The game consists of a series of mind-opening questions that follow the structure of complex thinking. The ‘game’ starts with the definition of an issue, provided by one of the participants, who explains why it is important to him/her. It is also important to agree on the owner of the problem. This can be the person who presented the problem or someone else in the group. A facilitator gives each participant three to four cards. Each of the participants selects from his/her cards the question that is most relevant to him/her at that moment. Each of the participants shares the chosen question. From the suggested questions, the problem owner then selects the one he/she thinks is best answered at that moment. The group explores the answer to the selected question for five to ten minutes. The facilitator monitors that each participant is addressed, and summarizes the dialogue after 6 to 8 minutes. Next, each of the participants chooses a new question which, in his or her opinion, could further deepen the emerging conversation. More info on https://lnkd.in/dic3F46