This is the Constructed Development Coaching methodology based on the doctoral research by Dr Darren Stevens, using the four pillars of Constructed Development Theory. There is an obvious path to Coaching excellence using the Four Pillars of CDT: Intention, Awareness, Choice and Response that rivals the best systems currently on the market.

The process begins with the Thinking Quotient profile that demonstrates your Thinking Style and your capacity for future growth.

We then work on the individual facets of your thinking that impact your ability to be coached. This is a different approach to other systems as they might say they focus on development, but in reality, if the coach is the same level as you, there is no development: it is simply a conversation.

Our coaching ensures your coach is the right coach for you!

What I noticed when discussing with people how they think, was that wherever they came out on the TQ scale, they were happy to point it out to me. Using the grid below, they were often very matter-of-fact by demonstrating that their thinking spanned a number of levels of the TQ scale.

This showed a level of insight I found in my PhD research in that counter to the adult development literature, people at all levels of complexity are capable of seeing their Thinking Style. What they are not capable of is changing it.

This opens the door for a much more realistic coaching relationship, and to some degree, a potential therapy-based approach to replace talking therapies with developmental dialogue.