A growing number of people are interested in the Constructed Development approach to therapy as they see the benefit of raising one’s awareness of how we construct ourselves, our thinking and the resultant behaviour.

Traditional therapies are not interested in modelling out the construction of one’s thinking in the moment, preferring to impose their model of the world onto each patient. This has been the attitude of my clients on traditional therapy over the last couple of years.

With a different awareness of how we construct our own thinking in the moment, the type of remedial actions required are different to the standard therapy routes. My research shows that we can impact our choice in the moment to offer a better choice of outward behaviour. This is the foundation of Constructed Development Theory in that it utilises the Four Pillars of CDT to raise an individual’s Dynamic Intelligence for qualitatively better decision-making. This is, in essence, the foundations of a new therapeutic psychodynamic approach.

It is only when the primary intention is brought into awareness and reduced by choice, are other intentions able to be brought into awareness and eventually our habituated responses to situations diminished.

However, although we strive for choice in our thinking and behaving, we must be conscious of the need for the system to seek and create future habituated thinking out of our new choices.

If you are interested in talking part in the next stage of my theory construction in a therapy environment, do get in touch.